Dinner is served

One of the things we tried to get done on the last shakedown trip was to put together the expedition menu. (It’s kind of a tall order, actually planning things out to the entree level, but it’s good for the brain. Nobody ever gets to the end of a big trip and says, “Boy, I wish we wouldn’t have done so much planning.”)


Dinner while on the trail. Photo credit: Ken Campbell

So we did it, more or less. There’s a pretty good mix of bagged stuff and fresh stuff, cooking intensive feasts and just-boil-water-and-pour-it-on-top items. It’s bound to change and there’s no need to list it all here, but it was good to go through the dinner menu and try to put ourselves in the moment. It has been said that an army travels on its stomach. Even more true for a kayak trip.


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