Ken’s Interview with Dick Gordon

In radio studio

Ken recently did an interview with Dick Gordon of “The Story” over on American Public Media. I think he did a great job of outlining the objectives, and challenges, of our upcoming project. For your listening convenience I’m embedding the broadcast below. (Note: his interview is the second half of the May 31st broadcast. Dr. Timothy Lepore of Nantucket talks in the first half of being the only doctor on that small island. It’s interesting as well and well worth a listen.)

Check here to listen to podcast. (The podcast is entitled The Doctor On The Island.)

3 Responses to “Ken’s Interview with Dick Gordon”
  1. Greg says:

    Hey Ken – Fantastic interview. Looking forward to the exciting results, indeed, but more the stories you’ll uncover along the way.

    Greg Spooner

  2. Ken says:

    Thanks Greg,
    If the stories we’ve run across so far are any indication, this is going to be a very interesting summer indeed.

    Congrats on the Ski to Sea race and I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip this summer as well. Best of luck!

  3. ron simmer says:

    Saw your recent article on Tsunami wreckage on Washington beaches.
    I am one of a group of artists collecting drift lumber and building sculptures to
    draw attention to ocean pollution.
    One of our wooden waves is installed at the Peace arch sculpture park in Blaine WA
    We are building another one to take to a festival in Nevada.
    We would like to contact people who find wooden Tusnami debris on the west coast
    to include in our sculpture..
    I am a kayaker and mainly enjoy the BC coast around Tofino, Kyouquot, Brooks, Bunsbys etc.
    Ron Simmer
    604 438 5935

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