A Successful Premiere

Premiere Raffle

It’s hard to be unbiased when you’ve invested so much time and toil in an endeavor but I truly think our guests enjoyed the premiere showing of our documentary and the evening as a whole. Ken had worked hard in making sure it was a fun evening and had made arrangements for the Surfrider Foundation to be present, as well as the Slater Museum, which had an awesome display of coastal waterfowl and some of the plastics that have been found in their digestive tracts.

Waterfowl Display

Peter Wimberger of The Slater Museum displays his collection of seabirds and the plastics found in their stomachs; a big hit with our guests. (Photograph by Steve Weileman)

I learned an interesting tidbit of information last night: If you where to scale the amount of plastic ingested by most coastal birds to a 10 year old child, it would be the equivalent of 75 soda bottle tops in their stomach! Now how many of us would allow our kids to swallow that many bottle tops?

Surfrider Raffle

Todd Fisher & Surfrider were gracious enough to help by providing a raffle including this beautiful original painting (Photograph by Steve Weileman)

Todd Fischer donated an stunning rendition of one of our photos taken for the coast. I can tell you all of us – except one lucky winner – were disappointed to not be leaving with that in our possession.

I fielded a lot of questions about how and when we were going to make the documentary available to the public. We’re working out the details but should have some news on that front soon so stay tuned.

Slater Museum

Our thanks to the Slater Museum for bringing their waterfowl-plastics display (Photograph by Steve Weileman)

Thanks to all who chipped in last night to make the evening such a success, and a special thank you to everyone who came to attend.

We really appreciate your support!


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