Off to see the wizard


We’ve been looking forward to this week for a few months now. Tomorrow night, we have a showing at the Grand Cinema in Tacoma, which by all indications, will probably be a full house. (I think the capacity of our particular theater is just over a hundred. Annie Wright School has graciously purchased the entire theater for the showing, so if you want to attend, all you have to do is be one of the first hundred or so at the door… there is no charge for this event. Thanks, Annie!)

Tonight, we’re heading up to the Emerald City for the showing at the Mountaineers. It’s scheduled for 7pm, there will be a Q & A after the show as well as a raffle for the Todd Fischer print, Pacific Coast Lights. Our friends from the Seattle chapter of the Surfrider Foundation will be there as well, so be sure to say hello to them too. Advance ticket sales have been brisk this past week and we’ve already got close to 100 people on the will-call list but there are still seats available and tickets will be sold at the door. Advance ticket sales will be suspended 12 hours prior to the event, so if you haven’t already purchased yours online, plan on getting to the hall early enough to buy them there.

This is a huge week for the project. There are these two showings (which we are really excited about), we got selected to the World Tour list for Reel Paddling and there may be some news to report soon about a major sponsor for the upcoming expedition to Augustine. (Tease, tease.) Meanwhile, we’re going to the plastics exhibit at the Burke Museum this afternoon before we head to the showing. All in all, another good day!

2 Responses to “Off to see the wizard”
  1. Kay Gowan says:

    Ken, Steve~ Saw the film this evening at the Mountaineers in Seattle. Beautiful film footage. You are reaching a lot of people and have a great opportunity to rally for participation in the up-coming Earth Day Washington CoastSavers Clean-up April 20th. People want to help and make a difference. Consider contacting Washington CoastSavers for information/brochures. But just looking at their website makes it easy to plan for and participate. Please let people know about this great opportunity to help clean up.

  2. Steve Weileman says:

    Thanks for the kind word Kay. It’s nice to see that the film is being received as intended. Since our Seattle showing we’ve learned that ‘The Roadless Coast’ has been selected as Best Environmental Film, Waterwalker Film Festival 2013.

    Great idea about the clean-up. Here’s the link for anyone interested in participating:

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