Busy weekend


Steve and I are heading back out to the peninsula this weekend. There’s a showing in Forks tomorrow evening and then we’ll be dropping down south to the Beachcomber’s Fun Fair on Saturday and Sunday. (The Roadless Coast will be playing at Ocean Shores too, on a loop for the entire time the exhibits are open. I expect we’ll see a fair bit of traffic over the course of the two days.)

We’ll be stopping by to visit our newest sponsor, Rainshadow Coffee in Sequim, on our way out to Forks, where we’re planning on visiting John Anderson and seeing his monumental collection of marine debris. This uberbeachcomber has so much stuff that he’s brought back from his waterfront wanderings, he’s had to build a museum to house it all.

And, what is just as cool, we’ll be splitting a booth with Curt Ebbesmeyer while we’re in Ocean Shores. Dr. Ebbesmeyer has been a lot of help to us as we’ve been learning about marine debris and how it travels across the oceans… we have learned plenty but we still have a long way to go. Which is part of what makes the whole thing so interesting for us.

We’ll also be meeting up with the producers of an upcoming film in which the Ikkatsu Project will be featured… Nicolina Lanni and John Choi are putting together a documentary called “Lost and Found,” a collection of stories about specific items of tsunami debris that came across the ocean and made landfall on North American beaches. The soccer ball we found is scheduled to be one of the items that is going to be returned to where it came from and that homecoming will be part of the film. The plans are all a little loose at the moment, and what ends up happening might not be what is being talked about right now, but we’re pretty excited to meet them anyway.

By Monday morning, I think I’ll be wanting a day off.


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