Earning our wings


We got our chopper yesterday. It’s a DJI Phantom quad-rotor flying machine that’s going to give us all the aerials we didn’t get last year on our Roadless Coast expedition. It’s truly amazing, the way this technology moves; it’s hard for an old man to keep up sometimes.

We did our first test flights today, sans camera. (One thing at a time.) It went well though, better than I had expected. The controls are intuitive and responsive and once we got the orientation issues sorted out, we put that baby through her paces. There is something magical about flight, whether it’s you that is actually doing the flying, or just the one controlling it.

It remains to be seen how much we’re able to do with this but initial expectations are high. What it will do, at the very least, is expand our vision, give us a new perspective. And when it comes right down to it, that’s all this project has ever been about anyway. Just trying to get a new perspective.


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