Packing complete. Awaiting transportation.

We took the six day ferry voyage from Bellingham to Homer, hitched a jet-boat ride to Augustine, kayaked around that, paddled over to the peninsula, more miles on the water for the next week until we got to the cannery, a couple of days there before catching a ride on a fish tender over to Kenai (18 hours to go 75 miles), had a big jalapeño burger and slept in a parking lot. Then a trip to the shipping company the next morning to pack our boats and gear for the barge ride back to Tacoma. It looked like a gear explosion on the loading ramp but we eventually got it all wrestled into a neat package for the trip.

Steve got home pretty quick after that and is already hard at work getting the post-production started. I’m in Homer again, this time with the family for a little R&R, but I do have an interview to do tomorrow with the Director of the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies. Then leaving on Saturday morning…

There will be time to thank the many people who made this all possible at some point, but the people who made a difference just this week, without whom we would not have gotten nearly so far, as easily as we did. A huge thanks goes out to Ben, Nina, Eli, Eric, Jill, Elizabeth, Lou, Jedidiah, Kevin and Keenan. Just for starters.image


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