Processing adventure


It takes a while for it all to sink in. Whether it’s Steve, sitting in front of the computer screen, sifting through video clips and building the visual story, or me with pen in hand and ink-stained fingers, putting together the narrative of what we most want to say. With an expedition like Augustine, so much happened in such a compressed span of time, it takes a little while to get the story straight in our heads, before we can adequately tell it to others.

We’re working on it. The science, the scenery, the tragedy of remote beaches choked with plastic debris and the wonder of a volcano in the morning sun and otter playing in the shallows near camp. The tension of an open-water crossing when the wind starts to really blow, and the calm of a primal evening, long shadows and streaks of red in the sky at midnight.

After these kinds of trips, I think we arrive home weeks – maybe months – before our thoughts make it all the way back.

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There’s a nice feature on National Geographic’s web site about the trip and the science we were able to accomplish on the Augustine expedition. Check it out here.


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