Corrections, changes and scheduling

Plans change. Nothing new about that.

This Saturday, the presentation at the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve is at 6:30pm, not 7:00pm as it was recently listed. The address is:

10441 Bay View-Edison Road
Mount Vernon, WA  98273
(360) 428-1066

On Saturday, May 17, the schedule of events in Bellingham is going to be more-or-less as follows:

I should be arriving between 11:00am and 1:00pm. Not sure exactly where yet… it’s going to be a very low tide and that’s going to be the final say on the travel plans. Regardless, I am planning to be at the beach cleanup at Locust Beach that starts at 1:00pm, sponsored by the Northwest Straits chapter of Surfrider. We’re meeting at the Bellingham Community Kiteboarding Center (3197 Locust Ave), at 1:00pm. The beach cleanup goes until 3:00pm and that evening, Surfrider will be showing Secrets of Augustine at the Fireplace Room at the Fairhaven Public Library – 7:00pm. This is a free event, but donations are always gratefully accepted. For more information, contact Eleanor Hines at 215-287-0043 or Visit the facebook event website for additional information.


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