Advisory Board

The Ikkatsu Project had its beginnings in an expedition that examined several different aspects of plastics pollution on the Washington Coast. Project efforts established a baseline for the presence of debris from the 2011 tsunami, compared recently cleaned northern beaches to sections of the southern portion of the route that don’t see as many volunteer cleaning efforts, and documented specific beaches where plastic flotsam and tsunami debris come ashore in larger quantities.

Although the kayaking team members are not scientists, they are able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of an advisory board that will help direct surveys and continue to make use of the data that is collected. Each of these dedicated individuals is an integral part of the Ikkatsu team and brings valuable skills and a wealth of knowledge to the project.

– Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, Beachcomber’s Alert

– Anne Shaffer, Coastal Watershed Institute

– Liam Antrim, NOAA OCNMS

– Dr. Marcus Eriksen, 5 Gyres Institute

– Dr. Peter Hodum, Dr. Michelle Hester, Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge

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  1. […] At the conclusion of the trip we’ll turn over our data to our advisory board, which consists of experts from NOAA, Coastal Watershed Institute, Surfrider Foundation, and 5 Gyres Project. A full list of our scientist and their credentials can be found here. […]

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