In the morning

I’ve been getting out on the water pretty consistently lately, the early morning time slot, when it’s dark for the whole paddle. The phosphorescence has been amazing for the past week or so, millions upon millions of tiny greenish lights in the water, almost like curtains of lights shimmering in the kelp and along the … Continue reading

Shooting the messenger

A recent study done by researchers at the University of Toronto turned up an interesting nugget: even when people support environmental goals and causes, they would actually prefer to not be associated with any activists promoting those same items. This is not talking about the people who disagree; these are the ones who – if … Continue reading

Clean Water Classic 2014

I’m in Westport for the latest installment of the Clean Water Classic, the Pacific Northwest’s largest surf contest. It’s a great chance to soak up some awesome music, watch (and participate in) an excellent swell and spill a beer or two. If you’re not here, you really should be asking yourself why. Why?