In the morning

I’ve been getting out on the water pretty consistently lately, the early morning time slot, when it’s dark for the whole paddle. The phosphorescence has been amazing for the past week or so, millions upon millions of tiny greenish lights in the water, almost like curtains of lights shimmering in the kelp and along the … Continue reading

Tacoma Shoreline Survey, Day 1

Starting the Tacoma Shoreline Survey today, with the first section beginning at Titlow Beach and going through the Tacoma Narrows to Salmon Beach this afternoon. In addition to the actual counting, I’m planning on measuring the total amount of Tacoma waterfront that has been hardened and modified from its natural state by bulkheads and riprap. … Continue reading


The weather was so fine yesterday (and the Packers game so painful), that I took the opportunity to go for a SUP trip across the Narrows. It was near high tide so the current wasn’t as much of a factor as it usually is and the full sunlight along with the glassy water made for … Continue reading